Meet the Owner and Founder of Crystal Sensation LLC

Jessica LangJessica, native of Boston, MA, began her career in the wellness industry in the year 2000 as a personal trainer and weight loss consultant. Since then, helping others find their motivation, strength, spirit and health has been her mission and passion.

As well as, being a Reiki Master since 2003, Jessica holds a degree in Exercise Physiology and a degree as a Holistic Health Practitioner from the notable Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she later returned to teach the art of Shiatsu massage to college students. Over the span of her career in the industry of fitness, massage and bodycare Jessica has had hands on experience with thousands of clients, including special populations such as, the terminally ill, professional athletes, pregnant women, children, and post surgical clients.

As the Massage and Bodycare director at the top spa in San Diego, CA, Jessica lived and breathed spa products, specifically, organic products that would have minimal impact on the environment and enhance the health of the client. Jessica designed and created an award winning spa menu, featuring organic vegan body treatments that would not only feel good but provide positive physical and emotional benefits.
After Jessica got married and had two little boys her passion for wellness grew, as did her passion for the metaphysical and spiritual connection within all of us. Jessica has always resonated with the vibration of crystals and their healing energy, as well as their breathtaking natural beauty.

The products are handmade individually using top quality organic carrier oils, organic pure essential oils, and exfoliants, such as Fine Himalayan Salt and Organic Vegan Raw Sugar. Each oil is selected because of its properties, natural fragrance and ability to blend with other oils. The oil is charged for at least 24 hours with specially selected crystals and stones, that have been cleared of their energy and programmed for the specific intention of each product, this is done with great care and ritual. The pairing of the crystal energy with the organic essential oils and power of intention makes this product unique. This is a skin care product that has a very high vibration, enabling its user to manifest results on many levels.

Jessica believes that Crystal Sensation Body Care products are the culmination of years and years of research and passion in the multifaceted journey of health and wellness for the mind, body and spirit. Combining all of the gifts that she has learned and inherited has created something special. She wishes you all peace, happiness love and light on your journey of life and hopes that you enjoy the products.


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