Why are Crystal Sensation Spa Products Special?

Why Crystal Sensation’s Products are special:

Offering an exclusive & unique line of

Serenity Spa Products that truly enhance all aspects of one’s Mind, Body and Spirit, working with the SELF to manifest intentions.

The products are handmade individually using top quality organic carrier oils, organic pure essential oils, and exfoliants, such as Fine Himalayan Salt and Organic Vegan Raw Sugar.  Each oil is selected because of its properties, natural fragrance and ability to blend with other oils.  The oil is charged for at least 24 hours with specially selected crystals and stones, that have been cleared of their energy and programmed for the specific intention of each product, this is done with great care and ritual. The pairing of the crystal energy with the organic essential oils and power of intention makes this product unique. This is a skin care product that has a very high vibration, enabling its user to manifest results on many levels.

Mind- the intention of each product

Body- the organic oils and medicinal ingredients

Spirit- the specially selected and programmed crystals

Whole self product…let it resonate with your inner healer.Image

Custom blends available.

More photos and buying options see  www.etsy.com/shop/crystalsensation